14. – 15. 3. 2017
Place of
hotel DoubleTree by Hilton

Trnavská cesta 27/A,
831 04 Bratislava, SK

An important part of the European integration process is transport, which is closely linked to the prosperity of the internal market, making decisions on significant investments, job creation, economic growth, regional development and tourism.

A significant role has railway transport, which is an essential part of the EU transport strategy and in particular the strategy of environmental sustainability. It plays a key role in addressing the growing demand for safe, fast, high capacity, effective and especially ecological transport.

At the present time, the transport infrastructure within the European transport area is still not evenly developed. In countries admitted to the European Union after 2004 is lacking a quality infrastructure. Significant disparities are mainly in the field of technical parameters and transport vehicles. There are missing high-speed connections and a large part of their existing transport infrastructure needs to be modernized and made more attractive to passengers.

The aim of the international professional conference Forum of Rail Transport is to highlight these differences and find a way that would help in the development of transport infrastructure.

The international conference Forum of Rail Transport offers space for new information, discussion and exchange of professional views and experiences on development, investments and innovations in the railway and urban rail transport, as well as the possibility of finding solutions in relation to the needs of municipalities, cities, districts and regions in integrating and cross-border coordination of transport.

During the second day of the conference, a discussion forum will be held, whose main topics will be the most important issues regarding to development, funding opportunities and increasing attractiveness of railway and urban rail transports in Slovakia. Questions from the audience will be responded by competent representatives of state and public administrations.

Conveners invite participants to a social event during the first day of the conference, where the seventh year of the prestigious award "Personality of railway and urban rail transport in Slovakia for the year 2017" will be granted.

Conference subjects:

  • Principles and long-term objectives of EU transport policy
  • Competitiveness and challenges for rail transport
  • Railway for people